Discover The Virgin Diet

This Diet is Different

Do you know that bloating isn’t normal?

That’s right! Gas, bloating, skin problems, joint pain, discomfort aren’t supposed to be normal side effects of food consumption, yet we’ve become so used to these symptoms that we learn to accept and live with them.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

The Virgin Diet was created after JJ discovered the power that our diet has over our lives. Minor discomforts can create serious health problems, make us feel horrible, and ultimately keep us from being our best selves.

This diet isn’t based on the traditional weight loss strategy of, ‘eat less, exercise more,’ because that strategy doesn’t work for everyone.

Instead, the Virgin Diet Program is based on the science and research surrounding the effects of inflammation on the human body. There are seven main foods that many of us have adverse reactions to. When we consume these foods regularly, our gut weakens and our digestive system becomes inflamed, causing those nasty symptoms and side effects that we’ve all likely adjusted to over the years.

Join me for Discover The Virgin Diet on Thursday, January 31st at 5:00 pm CST to dive deeper and crack the secret to reaching your optimal health.

What You’ll Learn

Discovering what causes our bodies to become inflamed is a journey that requires several steps. When you participate in the Virgin Diet Program, you’ll go through the process of figuring out how to get to the bottom of your own dietary needs with the support of the JJ Virgin community.

During this webinar, you’ll discover how the Virgin Diet changed the lives of thousands of people, and how it can work for you. We’ll be discussing:

-What food intolerance is, and how to know if you have any food intolerances (hint: you probably do!)
-What the most common causes of food intolerance are and how to avoid them.
-Why food intolerance is so common nowadays.
-The most common signs and symptoms of food intolerance.
-How to figure out which foods are hurting you and which are helping you.
-How to design an eating plan that will work for you in the long haul, even if you’re vegan, paleo, or somewhere in between.

Hosted by:

Jen Broyles

You Deserve to Reach Your Optimal Health!

This diet is about more than shedding the pounds, it’s about gaining the tools you need to transform your life and becoming your healthiest and most productive self. After the weight melts off, you’ll gain natural energy, clear skin, and a healthy metabolism. Best of all, you’ll be free from bloating, fatigue, and other health problems that have been chipping away at your overall wellbeing.

My goal with supporting you through the Virgin Diet Program is to make you feel empowered, and worthy of becoming the person you’ve always wanted to be. As you’ll learn through this webinar, the Virgin Diet is unlike any other diet plan you’ve tried because the results are almost instant, and are certainly life-changing.

Still skeptical? The Virgin Diet has been featured on Dr. Oz, Rachael Ray, NBC, The Doctors, Dr. Phil, and The Today Show, to name a few. This diet plan works, which is why it’s gained so much media traction.

One final thing you should know about me is that I’m always researching, learning, and improving. Once you’re in my circle, it’s my job to keep you up to date with the best and most reliable information science has to offer regarding gut health, inflammation, diet, and all other things health and wellness.

This is guaranteed to be a life changing webinar!

Can’t Wait To Share With You On Thursday, January 31st At 5:00 pm CST!