Learn About the Sugar Impact Diet

Do You Have A Weakness for Sweetness?

Have you been trying diet after diet with no real results?

For most people, sugar is something that has always played a major role in their lives -- it pops up during the holidays and other celebrations, but also sneaks into the foods that we might otherwise consider “healthy.”

I want to help you understand that sugar is actually sabotaging you and getting in the way of you becoming your best, healthiest self. My goal for this event is to help you better understand the harm that sugar can do to your body, and provide you with strategies to effectively cut back on the amount of sugar that you consume.

Above all, I will be sharing with you something that actually works!

Join me for Learn About the Sugar Impact Diet on Thursday, January 31st at 5:00 pm CST to change your entire perspective on the way you eat and get a kick start to a new, healthier you!

What You’ll Learn

The Sugar Impact Diet was created by fitness and nutrition expert, JJ Virgin. With 35 years of experience as a trainer, certified nutritionist, and overall health guru, JJ knows what she’s talking about.

I want to let you know that sugar isn’t ALL bad, but it DOES need to be moderated. During this event, you’ll gain the tools to learn how to wean yourself off sugar, then reintroduce it into your life in a way that is healthy.

Together, we’ll discuss:

-How the Sugar Impact Diet works and the three-cycle program that you’ll follow in order to transform your taste buds and your diet for good!
-How much sugar the average American is consuming, and how it’s affecting our health as a society.
-What you should be eating and how much of it.
-Healthy swaps for sugary and starchy foods that you’re eating right now.
-How the Sugar Impact Diet community will support you along your journey!

Hosted by:

Jen Broyles

A Plan That WORKS

When we don’t see the results we want despite our hard work, it’s frustrating. When this happens, it’s easy to back away and fall into a rut and return to our old eating habits.

Cutting sugar from your diet isn’t easy, and there will be some hurdles that will get in the way.

The goal of this experience is to provide you with access to a program that won’t waste your time, and gives you results that will motivate you to keep going!

I’m also making it my job to convince you that you’re WORTH the effort, time, and energy that it takes to cut this substance from your life, because the changes that are coming are SO great.

With less sugar in your diet, you’ll notice a world of difference. From the foods that you crave, to your energy levels and the boost you’ll naturally give your immune system...your body will thank you. Trust me!

Can’t Wait To Share With You On Thursday, January 31st At 5:00 pm CST!